On foot

The small sized town of Lourdes can easily be searched out on foot. It’s not just the size only that enables this manner of getting around, but also the fact most of the attractions are clustered into a single area (the west part of Lourdes). Getting around on foot seems to be even more appealing when compared to other means of transport, public or otherwise.

By bus

There are six bus lines which cover various parts of Lourdes<. Line 1 is the most advisable for those who arrive in Lourdes by train, since buses which cover this route depart from the train station and carry their passengers to the very tourist hotspot of Lourdes, on the west site of the town. Further information on routes, hours of departures can be found at 0033 (0)5 62 94 32 96.

By car

Frequent visitors of Lourdes already know getting around by car is not the smartest decision, at least not for newcomers. Lourdes features a rather complicated one way road system which understandably puzzles all newcomers. However, car rental operators are available in Lourdes, so tourists who do choose to get around or to explore the surroundings of Lourdes by car have the possibility of traveling this way.

By bike

Getting around in Lourdes by bike is an excellent manner of searching out the town and its surroundings alike. Visitors have the opportunity of getting a quicker access to the main objectives and to explore in a pleasant and rewarding way the rich mountainous surroundings of the town. Biking is enabled by the presence of the several bike rental operators available in Lourdes.

By taxi

If unwilling to resort to public transport or to get around on foot, visitors should take a taxi and discover Lourdes this way. Plenty of taxis are clustered at the train station, and the main taxi operators in Lourdes can be called without any charge for the calling party, that is, the client. Visiting the following websites is useful for those who choose taxis:www.alliance-taxis-lourdes.com, www.taxisserviceslourdes.fr Go to top