The Pyrenees National Park

The proximity of the town of Lourdes to the Pyrenees offers great nature exploration opportunities to tourists visiting Lourdes. Thus, tourists might find Lourdes does not come down to sanctuaries... The Pyrenees National Park

The Betharram Caves

For cannier, but just as rewarding trips in the surroundings of Lourdes, tourists might choose to visit the Betharram Caves (Les Grottes des Betharram). The Betharram Caves are said to... The Betharram Caves

The Medous Caves

The Medous Caves are located only 23 kilometers from Lourdes. They are a splendid instantiation of what nature is able to create underground. Curtains of stalactites and stalagmites, strange formations... The Medous Caves

The Zoo d’Asson

Zoo d’Asson, located 24 kilometers south of Lourdes, offers a rich experience in terms of discovering a generous plethora of species atypical of the Pyrenean region. In fact, the Zoo... The Zoo d’Asson

La Truite des Pyrenees

A genuine fishing and tasting tour can be experienced by resorting to the so-called La Truite des Pyrenees (The Pyrenean Trout). This is a gastronomic, leisure and fun opportunity in... La Truite des Pyrenees

The Eagle Keep

Located in Beaucens, only 21 kilometers from Lourdes, the Eagle Keep (Donjon des Aigles) is a definite stop for bird lovers. The asset of this venue does not consist exclusively... The Eagle Keep


Tarbes is located only 19 kilometers northeast from Lourdes, and a quick daytrip to this city might prove to be pretty rewarding for tourists accommodated in Lourdes. There are plenty... Tarbes


Pau is only 35 kilometers northwest from Lourdes, and daytrips to this neighboring city from Lourdes are definitely worth making. Pau is first and foremost a green city sunken in... Pau

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