Lourdes is located in south France, being surrounded by three Pyrenean summits: the BĂ©out, the Petit Jer, and the Grand Jer. At the same time, the southern surroundings are marked by three higher Pyrenean peaks: Aneto, Montaigu and Vignemale. Lourdes is crossed by the Gave de Pau River. It is along this watercourse that the famed grotto (the Grotto of Massabielle) of the Marian apparitions is located. Tarbes and Pau are the most significant cities bordering upon Lourdes.

Avenue Francis Lagardere and Avenue Alexandre Marqui, the north extension of the former, section Lourdes south to north. The west side of Lourdes clusters virtually the entire amount of tourist objectives. Their lay-out is basically delineated by Route de Pau, though not all objectives are immediately visible and accessible from this street. The Leclerc Shopping Center (Centre Commercial Leclerc) is located just north from Lourdes on RN21.

Lourdes, France
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