The entire religious heritage of Lourdes is under the patronage of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes (briefly, the Sanctuaries of Lourdes). The most significant edifices of which the architectural and religious structure of the Sanctuaries consists refer to: the Basilica of the Rosary, the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, the Grotto of Massabielle, the Tent of Adoration, the Church of St. Bernadette, the Basilica of St. Pius X, the Reconciliation Chapel, the Adoration Chapel, the Crypt, the Chapel of St. Joseph.

The Grotto of Massabielle (briefly, the Grotto, or the Miraculous Cave, or the Cave of the Apparitions) is the very religious heart of the Sanctuaries. It is the place where Bernadette Soubirous is said to have witnessed the 18 apparitions of the Virgin in 1858. Nowadays, the Grotto is a place of massive pilgrimage and a major hotspot in terms of religious tourism (more than 5 millions visitors come here each year). The highlights of the Grotto refer to the water of the spring streaming from the cave, the famed controversial water allegedly featuring healing properties, and to the 17 pools (baths) pilgrims are supposed to immerse in. A statue of Virgin Mary has been set on the site in view of offering pilgrims a more intuitive grasp of the sacred episode.

Grotto of Massabielle
Place Payramale, F-65101, Lourdes, France

Place Payramale, F-65101, Lourdes, France

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