The construction of the Basilica of the Rosary is, it too, connected to the apparitions in 1858. Its purpose was to replace the chapel used as a place of worship subsequently to the apparitions. The name of the basilica is related to one of the accounts given by Bernadette Soubirous, according to which the Virgin held a rosary in her hands when she appeared. Besides its religious significance, the Basilica is also relevant in terms of architectural coherence and style. Thus, one might always visit the edifice without a keen religious interest, but from mere architectural curiosity. Such tourists should focus on the main theme of the edifice: the 15 mysteries. It was consecrated in 1901.

Basilica of the Rosary
Place du Rosaire (Esplanade du Rosaire), Lourdes, France

Place du Rosaire, Lourdes, France

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